One of our main goals is to relieve you from the stresses of dealing with tenants, so you can enjoy your life.

You should enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without living the daily stresses associated with it.

The basic services available for FREE as part of your management fees are: 

  • Wide Exposure & Marketing of your property while it's vacant  (applicable to tenant search services) 
    • We advertise your rental with 50+ property listing sites [including Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, Craigslist,, etc.]
    • Each of our postings averages about 200 ad views per week, with 20-30 serious inquiries per week.
    • That's how much exposure you'll get without lifting a finger.
  • Thorough tenant screening 
    • NO WORRIES ! - You won't have to pay for every single tenant screening. The tenant pays for that expense as part of the application fee. 
    • Not only do we pre-screen each person who wants to see your property, but we also pre-qualify every applicant by running credit, background, and evictions checks before ever recommending the applicant. 
  • Timely rent collection 
    • We do NOT take days to get your rent in your hands. 
    • EagleView gets your money to you via ACH transfer within a couple of day of clearing the tenant's payment. 
  • Prompt court filing(s) for late rent payments and necessary evictions 
    • Our process has been time-tested, and it's a guarantee to keep you from dragging on non-paying renters month to month to month. 
    • We understand you are busy and cannot deal with the headaches of dealing with non-complying tenants -- Our diligent approach will get your non-paying tenant evicted in the same month the judge grants you the right to gain possession of your property. 
  • Appearances in court on your behalf 
    • Unlike most companies, we will represent you in court at least once a month.  
  • Property inspections at consistent intervals
    • This way we effectively monitor the state of your property, so there are no unpleasant surprises once tenants move out.
    • You will get timely reports of our findings right on your owner portal, including pictures. 
  • Renter's Insurance for your tenant's welfare and your protection 
    • We provide an easy access to (and make mandatory for tenants to have) renter's insurance, which we obtain at negotiated and greatly affordable rates for your tenants.
    • This greatly covers you while protecting your investments, as the renter's insurance provides insurance against personal liability and personal property. 


  • Access to our legal counsel  
    • You may inquire of legal counsel through us for a nearly unlimited basis every month. 


If you are interested, we can also assist with the following services for a nominal cost:

  • Repairs and renovations oversight / coordination 
    • We have a wide network of contractors to ensure you don't fumble through phone books and Google searches and run the risk of dealing with unreliable, unprofessional contractors. 
    • Whenever repair work can be included in your allowed number of property visits, we will oversee the work at no additional cost to you. 
  • Evictions oversight and coordination
    • For the nominal fee of $350, we can handle most evictions -- from the filing of proper paperwork with the court clerks and the Sheriff's office, to the hiring of the labor required, to ensuring your property is clear of any tenant's belongings, to finally the changing of door key(s). 
  • Property turnover (rehabilitation) in-between occupants
    • STOP running around to bring your property to standards every time someone moves out.
    • We can help you spruce up your property for the next tenant. If there's a need to go after a previous tenant for excessive damages, we will take care of it for you. 


Contact us today to sign up for our services! You won't be disappointed. 

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