Application Process

Thank you for considering EagleView Management LLC to help fulfill for your housing needs. Please review this information in its entirety carefully and contact us for clarifications if need be. You may also find this information within the rental application.

1) Applicants are screened on a first-come, first-qualified basis with consideration for the most favorable terms such as the amount of rent, lease commencement date, and length of lease. When qualifying criteria are equal the Owner/Landlord will accept the application that was received first. All applicants are accepted or rejected under the authority of the Owner/Landlord.

2) At the discretion of the Property Manager, priority may not be given to an applicant if he/she has not viewed the subject rental property in person.

3) Credit history and income/employment history for a minimum of the preceding 24 months and housing references for the preceding 3 years are required. Satisfactory references are sought in these areas and special circumstances should be explained in writing on the application whenever possible.

4) All applications must be accompanied by a copy of each applicant's driver's license and proof of income (i.e. recent pay stub, letter of employment and or other supporting financial information). If self-employed, copies of Federal Income Tax Returns for the last 2 years are required. Those may be emailed to us via our website's Contact Us area.

5) Fraudulent information will cause the application(s) to be declined.

6) Applicants may combine their incomes to qualify. The total allowed for rent expense should not exceed 30% of gross income. An additional fee will be required for each additional applicant, in order to obtain and review each additional set of credit & background checks.

7) Any and all special requirements (i.e. paint, carpet, etc.), clauses, conditions, and contingencies which are a basis for whether or not you will sign a lease must be stated in advance, in writing, on the application.

8) Applicants are entitled to review, in advance, the lease which they will be required to sign. Applicants are also entitled to review any Condominium or Homeowners Association documents when making application or prior to signing a lease.

9) Applicants are required to sign the lease within three (3) business days following the application approval notification, or priority of placement will be forfeited. After the expiration of the 3-day priority consideration, the rental applicant will have to start the application all over, including but not limited to paying an application fee.

10) Tenants must obtain a RENTER'S LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY with EagleView Management LLC and the Owner/Landlord added as additional insured prior to move-in.

11) A property offered for sale and for rent simultaneously is subject to removal from the rental market upon the acceptance of a sales contract, unless otherwise agreed upon by the seller and buyer (e.g. the buyer desires to rent the property upon finalizing the purchase).

12) A property shall be considered available until the lease is signed by all the lessees and shall be understood to be under a "contingent contract" until such time.

13) Our company utilizes a combination of Reporting Agencies for credit & criminal background checks. No credit report may be accepted from the applicant in lieu of this office obtaining one. Our required minimum credit score is 650. Applicants falling below this score, at the discretion of the owner, shall be required to post additional security deposit and / or rent paid in advance. ONLY if the jurisdiction where the subject property is located does not allow for additional security shall the application be denied. Whenever an applicant desires to a cosigner or guarantor, an additional fee of $15 shall be added to the application fee to facilitate obtaining and reviewing each additional set of credit & background checks. Cosigners and guarantor will also be required to sign a notarized agreement binding them to the same lease clauses as the rental applicant.

14) If pets are allowed by the Owner/Landlord, additional security deposit in the minimum amount of $300.00 per pet & additional rent of $75.00 per pet monthly shall apply.


15) Leases of more than twelve months shall include a rental adjustment of 4.5% in each additional year to off-set inflation costs incurred by owner/landlord.

16) A full month's rent is due upon move-in, as well as the security deposit as indicated in the drafted lease agreement – security deposits are usually equal to one month's rent (unless other considerations/requirements from the Owner or deposits/rents for pets are involved).

  • All move-in payments shall be in certified funds or money order.
  • Security deposits will be returned within the number of days prescribed by the law in the jurisdiction where the rented property is located – provided the property's inspection results are satisfactory.
  • Any partial month's rent will be pro-rated based on a daily rent of 1/30 of the total monthly rent. Pro-rata rent for 7 days or less is due with the first full month's rent in advance of move-in.

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