Fees, Realtor Collab

EagleView Management offers the following service levels:

Service Level 1: Tenant Search AND/OR Property Management Services
(a) $495 for tenant search services & (upon lease signature) 9% monthly management fee, or
(b) 9.5% monthly management fee, if you already have a tenant in the property. 

Service Level 2: Tenant Search Services ONLY
If you only want advertising, tenant screening, and facilitation of lease signing, the fee will be $350 & 33% of the first month's rent (payable ONLY if a tenant is secured).

Service Level 3: Tenant Search Services in Collaboration with Realtor
In case you have already hired a Realtor, no problem! We can partner with her / him to ensure we give greatest exposure for your rental. We also will do the hard work to pre-screen the tenant before showing the place to him/her, show the property, and thoroughly screen the tenant (background, credit, evictions records).

All the Realtor has to do is agree to evenly split the Realtor's rental fee with EagleView Management -- We have the proper agreement to facilitate the process and document the agreement. 


Summary of Terms & Conditions:
All you have to pay is a $150 deposit for your property management agreement to be effective upon signature by all parties. However, the full balance for services rendered is due only upon EagleView Management securing a tenant.

The deposit is refundable if / when our company is not able to secure a tenant within the "Duration of Agreement" as defined in the Management Agreement. 

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